Supporting health systems achieve the best possible outcomes for individuals and populations while optimising resource utilisation

OVSP delivers mentorship and training for professionals and organisations on developing value-based healthcare, designing and implementing population-based systems of care, reducing backlogs, improving workforce morale and tackling toxic healthcare culture.

Elevating Healthcare through Innovative Training

At OVSP, we stand at the forefront of transforming healthcare systems, pathways, and networks. With a profound commitment to developing value-based, patient-centred healthcare models, we empower healthcare professionals and organisations through meticulously designed workshops and training programs. Our initiatives are centred on leveraging collective expertise to create sustainable healthcare solutions that are adaptable, efficient, and equitable.

Our Offerings:

Our suite of training is designed to cater to the evolving needs of all healthcare professionals—be it public health officials, clinicians, analysts, or finance executives. We cover a spectrum of critical areas including value-based healthcare, population healthcare strategies, development of population-based systems and networks, personal value enhancement, and leadership in cultural revolution within the healthcare sector.

Delivery Mode:

Acknowledging the diverse needs of our participants, our workshops are offered both face-to-face and virtually, alongside our online training modules, designed to embed the learning. Led by the esteemed Professor Sir Muir Gray along with a cadre of seasoned professionals, these sessions are a blend of enlightening presentations and dynamic group activities aimed at fostering deep insights and collaborative problem-solving.

Focus on System Design:

At OVSP, we define healthcare improvement through the lens of systems, networks, and pathways—focusing primarily on systems to ensure every patient achieves optimal outcomes regardless of the diversity in service delivery mechanisms. Our approach involves a detailed 10-step design methodology that embraces multi-stakeholder involvement to architect robust population-based systems. These systems are meticulously crafted to ensure high-value care delivery that is both patient-centric and resource-efficient.

Working with

Recognised globally for its pioneering work, OVSP works with global leaders to help them improve their healthcare systems.  Some of its clients and partners include: