The Oxford Value and Stewardship Programme supports individuals and organisations understand and adopt the new paradigm by means of two services:

  • A learning programme, designed to help individuals and teams develop the skills they need to develop value-based health and social care.
  • A culture change programme to help people understand what culture is and how it can be changed or created and, in particular, how to create a culture that is both collaborative and a culture of stewardship.

Our goal is to build capability: the more we can do to develop capability, build on your assets and success, the better.  This means all our services are bespoke. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

  1. We will engage patients, service users and carers in our work, and aim to build capability in our clients to create sustainable, resilient healthcare systems
  2. We will work with, recognise and employ people based on their skills and not on their gender, religion, ethnicity, orientation or any other factor. We welcome diversity in our staff, associates and clients because diversity makes us a better organisation
  3. We encourage open and constructive feedback from each other, and from our clients.

Within OAP’s portfolio

OAP Ltd’s business stream includes: the Critical Appraisal Skills Programme (CASP), which delivers training to help people make sense of evidence published in the scientific literature. And, also Living Longer Betterto help people live longer better, principally by preventing or delaying the onset of dementia and frailty.