The objectives of the Oxford Value and Stewardship Programme are

  • to promote value based healthcare as the new paradigm building on and incorporating the other key paradigms of the last 50 year s, effectiveness, cost-effectiveness, evidence-based decision making, quality and safety and efficiency;
  • to promote and support the development of population based  systems rather than bureaucracies or the market as the best means of delivering value to individuals and populations;
  • to encourage and support the development of networks and a collaborative culture;
  • to promote and enable personal value as well as population value
  • to promote the concept and facilitate the adoption of the culture of stewardship.

How the objectives will be achieved 

The Oxford Value and Stewardship Programme supports individuals and organisations to understand and adopt the new paradigm and there are five activities that are needed to create the new paradigm

  • Define population sub-groups with a common need and allocate resources optimally
  • Design the system for each population sub-group
  • Ensure each individual makes decisions to optimise personal value
  • Deliver value for the population and all the individuals in need equitably through networks
  • Create the culture of stewardship, with a governance process that promotes collective responsibility

These are relevant to everyone formally involved in leadership and management, many of whom are also clinicians, but all of them, particularly the need for a culture of stewardship should be felt by everyone in a health service.

This requires a new set of skills and we provide the learning required in five modules. At the end of the five modules, participants will:

  • Understand the concepts and practical actions necessary for value-based population health and care.
  • Know how to establish and lead new culture of stewardship.

See below for a full list of topics covered.

Module Module Title OVSP TOPIC
Module 1 How to improve healthcare system by increasing value and reducing waste VALUE
Module 2 How to shift focus from bureaucracies to populations POPULATION
Module 3 How to design population based systems and deliver care through networks SYSTEMS
Module 4 How to create a culture of stewardship STEWARDSHIP
Module 5 How to optimise personal value PERSONAL VALUE