Tools for the new value paradigm

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This second module describes the key concepts for the new paradigm of value based healthcare and the culture of stewardship but the word ‘concept’ implies something philosophical and abstract however that is not the case. 

This module will certainly provide knowledge and insight into value, waste, outcomes, and resources but this is not just a matter of learning a new vocabulary.

Based on the work of anthropologists and neuropsychologists there is now agreement that language creates social reality, it does not simply describe it.  Certainly, language describes objects but value and waste, outcome and resources are not objects they are part of the social reality of value based healthcare and the culture of stewardship.

Learning and using the new language not only enables people to cope with, adapt to and manage the environment in which they live and work. It actually creates that environment. The new reality emphasises how people think and feel, how they behave and act so these first two modules should not be seen as theory or concepts but as a means of creating the new culture, the key task of leadership, and the new paradigm.

Module 2 Micromodules and Topics

  • Micromodule 2.1 – Value-based healthcare: a definition of value to deliver our values
  • Micromodule 2.2 – Value-based healthcare: a new way of thinking about variation
  • Micromodule 2.3 – Value-based healthcare: a new way of thinking about waste
  • Micromodule 2.4 – Value-based healthcare: allocating resources fairly, on the basis of need


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