Our insight hub includes:

The Essential Glossary

The field of ‘value’ is rich in terminology, words that can be used by many different people in many different ways.

We have developed extensive glossaries to create a common understanding of terms relating to value in health and healthcare.

From this library of glossaries, we have selected 20 key words and phrases, together with their definitions and the rationale behind them, to give you and your colleagues the foundations for a common language with which to start your work on optimising value.

The Essential Insight

We will act as a catalyst, transforming information on value-based healthcare into useful and usable knowledge, providing updates of essential papers to enable you to keep abreast of and understand value in health and healthcare.

We scan prominent journals on medicine, healthcare and value, selecting papers to use in our training programmes.

Essential Insight resources also include short ‘Radio Value’ podcasts, available for download on iTunes or SoundCloud.

The Essential Library

We provide not only a list of recommended reading on value in health and healthcare, but also the ‘Top Ten’ books that we consider to be essential reading. From our library of almost 1000 books we have produced short downloadable podcasts that summarise of the most important classic books – BookPods.  These are essential for anyone working in healthcare and enable you to learn while you walk, drive or travel by bus or train.

Books are added to our Podcast Channel ‘Radio Value’.