Buyer beware! Does the seller’s definition of value match your values?


Paper of the Week: 11th November 2019 This week’s blog is brought to you by: Dr Tim Wilson Full reference and title from the journal: Bending the cost curve: time series analysis of a value transformation programme at an academic medical centre Chatfield SC, Volpicelli FM, Adler NM, et al. BMJ Qual Saf 2019;28:449–458. Emerging principles for health system value improvement programmes Moriates C, Valencia V. BMJ Qual Saf 2019;28:434–437. Authors conclusion: By the beginning of 2014 it had become apparent that our own health system, NYU Langone Health (NYULH), had substantial opportunity to improve value. From 2010 to 2013, our institutional losses on Medicare patients had more than doubled. … the American Association of Medical Colleges-Council of Teaching Hospitals (COTH) quarterly survey of [...]