Paper of the Week: 10th September 2019 – At last, value measured by the opportunity cost of an intervention


This week’s blog is brought to you by: Professor Sir Muir Gray Full reference and title from the journal: Uterus at a price: Disability insurance and hysterectomy Fan E. (et al) Journal of Health Economics 66 (2019) 1-17 Link to Paper: Authors conclusion: Taiwanese Labor, Government Employee, and Farmer Insurance programs provide 5 to 6 months of salary to enrollees who undergo hysterectomies or oophorectomies before their 45th birthday. These programs create incentives for more and earlier treatments, …..Induced hysterectomies increase benefit payments and surgical costs, at about the cost of a mammogram and 5 pap smears per enrollee. 3V bottom line: Expressing value in terms of other things that could be one with the same amount [...]