Paper of the Week – 22nd October 2019: The law of Diminishing Returns is evidence based


This weeks Paper of the Week is brought to you by: Professor Sir Muir Gray Full reference and title from the journal: Estimating the Marginal Productivity of the English National Health Service From 2003 to 2012, Lomas, J et al (2019), Value in health 22;995-1002. Web Link to Paper: Authors conclusion:  “Taking cancer in 2012 as an illustrative example, the expenditure elasticity is interpreted as saying that a 1% increase in overall NHS expenditure leads to a 1.027% increase in cancer expenditure. The outcome elasticity suggests that cancer mortality is reduced by 0.361% as a result of a 1% increase in cancer expenditure. As outlined in the section “Translating mortality effects into quality-adjusted life-years”, these estimated [...]