Paper of the week 17.10.18: Trying to convince people to poo in toilets – what the NHS needs to learn


Reference: Rural Sanitation in India: The Poo Party This weeks paper of the week is brought to you by Dr Anant Jani, 3V Executive Director. Bottom line “Transforming the behavioral norms of rural populations is a particularly challenging task, and it will only work if rural communities change from within…much depends on the extent to which civil society takes up the call, and whether and how the government pitches in to sensitize and support the fight….The other half of the challenge is uprooting deep-seated beliefs and taboos…Success will require long-term campaigns to spread awareness, the development of regionally contextualized innovations, focus-group discussions, and women’s empowerment.” Implications for value improvement  Getting people to change is not easy.  Habits, beliefs and [...]