Paper of the week 16.01.19: Ten Principles for More Conservative, Care-Full Diagnosis


Reference: Schiff, G. D., Martin, S. A., Eidelman, D. H., Volk, L. A., Ruan, E., Cassel, C., ... Sheikh, A. (2018). Ten principles for more conservative, care-full diagnosis. Annals of internal medicine, 169(9), 643-645. This week’s paper of the week is brought to you by Professor Sir Muir Gray, 3V’s Founding Director. Bottom line, chosen by Muir from the paper Evidence increasingly shows that indiscriminate diagnostic testing and referrals often fail to provide definitive explanations or improve outcomes and at times are more harmful than beneficial… ...Medicine currently shortchanges the patient history and physical examination, even though carefully listening to and observing patients over time often provide more valuable information than multiple radiologic or chemical tests. We must stop equating testing [...]