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Professor Sir Muir Gray will lead in providing updates, acting as a catalyst to transform information on value-based healthcare into useful and usable knowledge. These updates will include essential papers for keeping abreast of and understanding value in health and healthcare.

We scan prominent journals on medicine, healthcare and value.

1708, 2020

BookPod – The Spirit Level by Wilkinson and Pickett

Book: The Spirit Level: Why Equality is Better for Everyone Author: Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett Teaser: In this book, Wilkinson and Pickett remind us that it is not poverty but inequality that causes most damage to society. They [...]

1008, 2020

BookPod – Tracking Medicine by Jack Wennberg

Book: Tracking Medicine; a researcher’s quest to understand healthcare  Author: Jack Wennberg Teaser: When we study healthcare at a population, as opposed to institutional, level, a whole new perspective emerges- unwarranted variation. This is variation that is not [...]

308, 2020

BookPod – How Much is Enough? By Enthoven & Smith

Book: How Much is Enough? Author: Alain Enthoven & Wayne Smith Teaser: How much should we spend on people with frailty versus people with mental health problems? Unless we can answer questions like this, we cannot have high value [...]

2407, 2020

BookPod – Social Choice and Individual Values by Kenneth Arrow

Book: Social Choice and Individual Values Author: Kenneth Arrow Teaser: Making decisions, especially where there are competing priorities, is complex and sometimes impossible. Arrow describes two ways in which decisions can be made in democratic capitalist countries, markets and politics. Understanding [...]

2906, 2020

BookPod – The Strategy of Preventative Medicine by Rose

Book: The Strategy of Preventative Medicine Author: Geoffrey Rose Teaser: The current fashion is for targeting interventions towards those at higher risk. But this is often at the expense of interventions that are targeted at a whole population. [...]

2206, 2020

BookPod – Trying Hard is Not Good Enough by Friedman

Book: Trying hard is not good enough Author: Mark Friedman Teaser: Friedman’s great addition to management thinking was that we need to stop focussing on doing a lot of activity productively and start to focus on outcomes. More importantly, [...]