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Professor Sir Muir Gray will lead in providing updates, acting as a catalyst to transform information on value-based healthcare into useful and usable knowledge. These updates will include essential papers for keeping abreast of and understanding value in health and healthcare.

We scan prominent journals on medicine, healthcare and value.

102, 2021

BookPod – Sensemaking in Organizations by Karl Weick

Book: Sensemaking in Organizations Author: Karl E. Weick Teaser: Have you ever been kept awake worrying about how value relates to efficiency or to cost effectiveness? Relax, these are just concepts each created by an academic who down [...]

1801, 2021

BookPod – Diffusion of Innovation by Rogers

Book: Diffusion of Innovations Author: Everett M. Rogers Teaser: Everett Rogers had it all worked out decades before the internet came along. The digital medium has changed some of the rules but the game is the same, and [...]

1101, 2021

BookPod – Communities of Practice by Wenger

Book: Communities of Practice - Learning, Meaning, and Identity Author: Etienne Wenger Teaser: Wenger describes how most organisations usually work in ignorance of how other organisations, with the same mission, are getting on. If they compare performance with [...]

1412, 2020

BookPod – The Uncertain Physician by Kurt Link

Book:The Uncertain Physician Author: Kurt Link Teaser: “I don’t know” are the most important three words in medicine. The truth is, the more one knows, the less certain one is. And this is certainly true in medicine where [...]

712, 2020

BookPod – Images of Organization by Gareth Morgan

Book: Images of Organization Author: Gareth Morgan Teaser: Images of Organization is a classic based on a very simple premise—that all theories of organization and management are based on implicit images or metaphors that stretch our imagination in [...]