The essential glossary of concepts. The language expressed helps create the new culture. As we have emphasised the use of new terms such as ‘optimality’ or ‘outcomes that matter to patients’ and stopping using confusing or unhelpful terms such as ‘outpatients’ or ‘savings’, not only creates new ways of thinking in the individuals who use those terms, indeed neuropsychologists explain that it creates new circuits in the brains of those people, it also creates the new social reality.

While working with many different health systems, the team has recognised and curated a set of key words and phrases that people frequently use but often with a different meaning from that understood by the person or group with whom they are speaking.

As any activity to increase value is a collaborative process, requiring that people work across organisational boundaries, a common language and understanding of key words and phrases among partners is critical.

This list is the 20 key cluster of concepts that we believe you should hold in common. Click each cluster title to see definitions and examples of the term in use.